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Block Studies and Still Lifes: Sunday Painting Classes
For 5 weeks in February and March we learned the fundamentals of plein-air painting using the “Block Study” method. It was a great way to study light and color while it was too cold to be outside.

Plein-air Painting at Smith College 2010

I taught plein-air painting classes at Smith College on several Sundays. It was a pleasure to teach a variety of artists, including painters, pastel artists, a graphic designer and several new painters. They all did great, you can see a day's work in the photo below. 

A Great Show plus Friends and Family!

The Open Studio and Sale was a big success! Lots of friends and family and the paintings looked right at home in Tina's studio. Visitors had the chance to view all the paintings and many were purchased and taken home.

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Open Studio + Sale

November 7, 2010
2:00 - 5:00 pm
hosted by Tina Stevens
Stevens 470 Marketing & Creative
470 Southampton Road
Westfield, MA